Interview: MasterChef's Sashi Cheliah dishes on his new restaurant in India

From adding his signature fusion flair to a thousand-year-old fish sandwich recipe in the MasterChef kitchen to savouring traditional idly vadai in Chennai – Sashi Cheliah’s culinary adventures are a smorgasbord of flavours. Ahead of his eclectic seven-course degustation affair at Leela Ambience Gurugram, we caught up with him to talk about his new restaurant Pandan Club and his delicious escapades in India. Singapore-born Australian chef Sashi Cheliah is known to deal in bold flavours and fusi

8 Vintage Restaurants In Goa That Serve The Spirit Of Susegad On A Plate

Amid the sea of eccentric eateries and bustling bars that have recently cropped up in the sunshine state, a few old-school spots continue to capture the hearts of locals. We’re going on a nostalgic walk through Goa’s most iconic vintage restaurants. By Eshita Srinivas India’s beloved beach destination has long been hailed for its eclectic cuisine, much of which can be attributed to its Portuguese past. A smorgasbord of flavours, spices, and culinary styles – Goa’s gastronomical culture has a ce

Vir Das hops on the craft beer boat with a refreshing and crisp ale FaaaakIt

Comedian and actor Vir Das aims to brew happiness with his crisp, fruity, and cheekily named beer – FaaaakIt. In collaboration with Great State Aleworks, a brewery known for modern, experimental beers, the beverage will be available across pubs in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. Your next beer guzzle could be courtesy of Vir Das. The popular comedian has poured his signature cheekiness into his first entrepreneurial venture with a refreshing brew that was a year in the making. Das aims t

Capture The Hues Of India’s Melting Pot At These Street Photography Spots In Mumbai

From dazzling high rises to bustling streets, Bollywood’s home base is at once overwhelming and fascinating. Get acquainted with Mumbai through your camera by heading to these street photography spots. By Eshita Srinivas Mumbai’s allure lies in its ability to seamlessly weave several livelihoods, cultures, people, cuisines, even architectural details into its fabric. Century-old establishments perfectly complement neighbouring modern discotheques here. In fact, in just a few minutes, you could

Bylakuppe Travel Guide: Discover This Quaint Tibetan Settlement In The Hills Of Karnataka

With stunning monasteries, delicious food, and picturesque streets, there’s a certain charm to Karnataka’s Little Tibet that draws several tourists to its borders throughout the year. If you’ve yet to discover the magic of Bylakuppe, we’ve got the perfect travel guide for you. By Eshita Srinivas A quick gear switch and slight detour on the Mysore-Coorg highway will have you driving straight into a region dotted with colourful prayer flags and Buddhist murals. This quaint town, called Bylakuppe,

Double Tap: India’s best bartender Yangdup Lama reveals his secret to making a top-notch cocktail

Globally recognised and revered bartender, bar owner, and author Yangdup Lama’s passion for his craft is palpable. With the reputation of being India’s finest resting on his shoulders, he has consistently pushed for a change in how bartenders and customers approach the process of making and consuming a cocktail. On the occasion of World Bartender Day, he taps into his barrel of experience to list out his cherished flavour combinations and shares tips on making a concoction that’s delicious from

Binge Bengaluru's first TV dinner, a five-course meal you can heat and eat at home

They brought you India’s first 100 percent organic single-origin coffee and are now elevating your at-home dining experience with their unique take on the American heat-and-serve meals, TV dinners. The new set meal at Araku promises an explosion of flavours, with plenty of room for experimentation. Award-winning coffee producer Araku knows a thing or two about food. Their Bengaluru cafe has an imaginative menu featuring global names that are made with seasonal, local fare. This is in line with

8 Korean restaurants in Mumbai and Pune that serve Seoul-satisfying food

Although there is a dearth of Korean food spots in India, some cities have got the memo. From bulgogi and tteokbokki to fried chicken and bibimbap, these Korean restaurants in Mumbai and Pune are serving up stuff that K-food dreams are made of. The more Korean content we consume, the greater our chances of being swept up by Hallyu (the Korean wave). Besides the use of finger hearts and the expression hwaiting! (translated fighting, the Korean way of wishing someone good luck), the most influent

McLeodganj’s Illiterati Café is shutting down

Nestled in a hard-to-find nook on a steep lane away from the main roads of Mcleodganj is the Illiterati Café. A mix of tourists, locals, influencers, trekkers, and business people walk through its doors every day for the coffee, breakfast specials, and views of the Dhauladhar range. Some spend hours perusing the books that adorn the floor-to-ceiling shelves and sit pretty on wooden tables. This abundance of reading material is a reminder of its humble beginnings as a bookstore café. “Our elder b

Easy on the pocket

Little Scout in the novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, had reflected upon her love for reading in a manner quite relatable to most avid readers today. ‘Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing’, she had said. Indeed, reading is one addiction one would do nothing but benefit from, and in the world of corporate sharks capitalising on the wave of reading, small-scale, individually-owned stores and roadside book bandis have come to the

Move over plain ol’ beer, have these 5 Beer Cocktails while watching India- Australia cricket match

The Indian tour of Australia has progressed to the longer formats of the game, with the current one being played in Adelaide. This gives us all the perfect excuse to head out and grab a crate (or two) of beer. After all, there’s nothing quite like the joy of cracking open a few cold ones whilst watching a good game of cricket. However, considering how each match will go on for a few days, it’s safe to assume that guzzling one pint after the other can get a little boring. And since we’re firm bel

'I've loved proving people wrong'

As he makes his way through the media and flashes his good-humoured smile for the cameras, the six feet one inch tall Robin Singh seems to be in a good place in his career. With jerseys of the Indian national team and more recently, the Bengaluru FC to call his own, he has established a place for himself in the field of Indian football as a player celebrated for his talent and immense potential. With echoes of the recent I-League win ringing in his ears, Robin Singh has come a long way sin

10 Health Benefits Of Spinach That You Can't Ignore

From being added to smoothies, tossed into salads, blended into pesto, and dehydrated into chips – spinach is arguably one of the most versatile leafy greens. Besides being integral to certain culinary preparations, spinach’s nutritional quality has earned it the title of a ‘superfood’ across several medical journals and health magazines. Here’s a list of all the health benefits that come with a diet that’s rich in spinach. Along with wrinkles and lower tolerance for alcohol, aging brings with

How These 8 Habits Are Undermining Your Weight Loss Regime

If your BMI still indicates ‘overweight’ when you could swear you haven’t picked up that bar of chocolate all week, you know something’s wrong with your weight loss regime. The journey to losing weight isn’t simply dictated by a diet or an exercise program, it’s a combination of these things and more often than not, lack of guidance causes some serious disasters and failures in achieving your fitness goals. We’re here to point out a few mistakes and habits that keep us from our ideal bodies, jus

It's a new life everyday

In the rough waters of the acting industry, there’s clear thought involved in all the projects Shivam Patil has taken up, and despite all speculations of his deserving a better launchpad than the film Nasha, the actor seems unperturbed with his place in the glamour world. Shivam Patil’s journey in the industry has not been a cruise. As a member of once the biggest street dance crew in India, Street Soul Dance Crew (SSDC), he reflects on the transition to acting, “I think if you’re a dan

It's not a bed of roses

A tiny soul makes her way through a bustling 3 pm crowd on Brigade Road, her right hand grasping her little brother’s left hand and her left hand carefully cradling a bunch of roses. She scans the crowd for potential customers as the cries of her mother and three-month-old baby sister echo in her ears. Fears of having to go to bed on an empty stomach for yet another night force her to approach the man in a suit who appeared to have money to spare for some roses. The hours drag on and