McLeodganj’s Illiterati Café is shutting down

Nestled in a hard-to-find nook on a steep lane away from the main roads of Mcleodganj is the Illiterati Café. A mix of tourists, locals, influencers, trekkers, and business people walk through its doors every day for the coffee, breakfast specials, and views of the Dhauladhar range. Some spend hours perusing the books that adorn the floor-to-ceiling shelves and sit pretty on wooden tables. This abundance of reading material is a reminder of its humble beginnings as a bookstore café. “Our elder b

Move over plain ol’ beer, have these 5 Beer Cocktails while watching India- Australia cricket match

The Indian tour of Australia has progressed to the longer formats of the game, with the current one being played in Adelaide. This gives us all the perfect excuse to head out and grab a crate (or two) of beer. After all, there’s nothing quite like the joy of cracking open a few cold ones whilst watching a good game of cricket. However, considering how each match will go on for a few days, it’s safe to assume that guzzling one pint after the other can get a little boring. And since we’re firm bel

Are You Drinking Enough Water? A Definitive Guide To Being A Part Of The Hydration Nation

Sure, we’ve all heard of the importance of drinking water. Many of us have been given varying advice on just how many liters that would entail, ranging from the conservative 2 and ambitious 4 to the more mystical “as much as your body needs and asks for.” So just how many bottles should you be filling up every day? And does it even matter if you hit those recommended numbers or are they just a rough estimate? We’ll save you hours of research online and possible doctor consultation fees with this

10 Anti-Ageing Tricks To Rewind The Clock

Blowing out the candles on your 22nd birthday for the 22nd time has got to be convincing, hasn’t it? A common ritual for most women as they get older is to go online and hunt for ways to get rid of those signs of long-past youth. Some even choose to walk through aisles and aisles of products with confusing names and fancy ingredients that promise flawless and fairer skin in just three weeks, but fail to fulfill any of its promises. If you’re sick of the constant pop-ups that scream ‘Shocker! Doc

'I've loved proving people wrong'

As he makes his way through the media and flashes his good-humoured smile for the cameras, the six feet one inch tall Robin Singh seems to be in a good place in his career. With jerseys of the Indian national team and more recently, the Bengaluru FC to call his own, he has established a place for himself in the field of Indian football as a player celebrated for his talent and immense potential. With echoes of the recent I-League win ringing in his ears, Robin Singh has come a long way sin

Kickstart Your Holiday Season With These 10 Books

A holiday season is never complete for readers without having read at least 5-10 books in the warm and cozy comfort of their house or during their travels from place to place. There’s no set list of books that one should read during the holiday season, but if you can pick books that move you to tears, make you laugh, drive you crazy, and make you wonder, it’s a success. Here’s a reading list that we propose to you for the holiday season. Give them all a try. Follow one woman’s incredible journe

Yoga To Improve Your Posture: 5 Poses You Should Perform Every Day

With a pandemic still sweeping through the world, most of us are still working, studying, or conducting our affairs from home. And at-home decorum dictates contorting yourself into various awkward positions while sitting in front of the television or being on our laptops and phones. Some of us go so far as to carry this practice straight to our places of work, restaurants, and friends’ homes as well. How else does one explain scores of people huddled over their phones and laptops for as far as t

Easy on the pocket

Little Scout in the novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, had reflected upon her love for reading in a manner quite relatable to most avid readers today. ‘Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing’, she had said. Indeed, reading is one addiction one would do nothing but benefit from, and in the world of corporate sharks capitalising on the wave of reading, small-scale, individually-owned stores and roadside book bandis have come to the

Vacationing Safely During COVID: A Guide

Picture this: you’re stretched out on a lounge chair under the shade of a parasol. The sounds of seabirds looking for their next meal and the ocean waves slapping the soft sand keep you company as you sip fresh coconut water. You’ve got a dinner reservation for the evening at a restaurant that serves mouth-watering food and your itinerary for the next few days have you brimming with excitement. Any other year and this little trip down imagination lane would get most of us to enthusiastically pl

Shield Your Skin This Summer The Right Way: The Ultimate Guide To Sunscreens And Our 10 Most Favourite Brands

The past year had us all cooped up in our homes for so long that most of us would jump at any chance to head out. And with summer fast approaching, there’s something other than just fresh air that you’ll encounter. We’re talking about the good ol’ sun that can give us vitamin D and set the scene for a perfect picnic outside while somehow also causing premature aging and putting us at risk of skin cancer. The best way to prevent all the damage that the sun can cause is to just not head out into t

6 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Trending Around The World

If there’s one complaint that none of us will be making any time soon, it’s not having enough content to consume. If anything, every social media platform at the moment is saturated with content to the extent that the real struggle is to find quality content that manages to engage us for longer than a few seconds. And while that might seem entirely impossible in a time when there’s a 30-second reel/tik tok video for everything imaginable and short-form content is all the rage, something that’s b

10 Best Party Dresses And Looks Inspired By Celebrities

Almost all of 2020 had us eating, sleeping, and working in our pyjamas. So the promise of a new year (and new beginnings) is all the excuse we needed to get excited about dressing up a little, even if that does end up with us lounging on the couch watching Christmas specials on Netflix all day. And since the year has been a bit of a bummer when it comes to special occasions (sad quarantine-birthday flashbacks, anyone?), we decided to kick things up a notch and look to celebrities for style inspi

Guide To Healthy Eating!

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “healthy diet?” Is it a sad-looking person staring at their equally sad-looking salad? Or perhaps it’s an influencer raving about a new smoothie recipe with a concoction of strange ingredients you could swear was straight out of a book of spells and potions. Despite what social media might have us believe, the key to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t lie in expensive ingredients, gruelling meal restrictions, and hours spent agonizing over the next meal.

10 Health Benefits Of Spinach That You Can't Ignore

From being added to smoothies, tossed into salads, blended into pesto, and dehydrated into chips – spinach is arguably one of the most versatile leafy greens. Besides being integral to certain culinary preparations, spinach’s nutritional quality has earned it the title of a ‘superfood’ across several medical journals and health magazines. Here’s a list of all the health benefits that come with a diet that’s rich in spinach. Along with wrinkles and lower tolerance for alcohol, aging brings with

How These 8 Habits Are Undermining Your Weight Loss Regime

If your BMI still indicates ‘overweight’ when you could swear you haven’t picked up that bar of chocolate all week, you know something’s wrong with your weight loss regime. The journey to losing weight isn’t simply dictated by a diet or an exercise program, it’s a combination of these things and more often than not, lack of guidance causes some serious disasters and failures in achieving your fitness goals. We’re here to point out a few mistakes and habits that keep us from our ideal bodies, jus

It's a new life everyday

In the rough waters of the acting industry, there’s clear thought involved in all the projects Shivam Patil has taken up, and despite all speculations of his deserving a better launchpad than the film Nasha, the actor seems unperturbed with his place in the glamour world. Shivam Patil’s journey in the industry has not been a cruise. As a member of once the biggest street dance crew in India, Street Soul Dance Crew (SSDC), he reflects on the transition to acting, “I think if you’re a dan

It's not a bed of roses

A tiny soul makes her way through a bustling 3 pm crowd on Brigade Road, her right hand grasping her little brother’s left hand and her left hand carefully cradling a bunch of roses. She scans the crowd for potential customers as the cries of her mother and three-month-old baby sister echo in her ears. Fears of having to go to bed on an empty stomach for yet another night force her to approach the man in a suit who appeared to have money to spare for some roses. The hours drag on and